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Typography Principles

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(About Season)Learn the main principles of typography to design stunning web and graphic design works. Start to understand “typography game” and know the secret how to “play” and win. Improve your skills with the most trendy techniques and timeless solutions for your work.


Level: from Beginner to Senior
Lifetime access to this season
Access to private community
Certificate/Poster (PDF)


~4 hours of videos
15 episodes
Audio: English
CC: English, Ukrainian, Spanish (Auto)


01 Intoduction to Typography and Season

Introduction to typography and new, light, and entertaining DES format. 

What is typography nowadays? About main typography principles and rules. 

02 Brief History and Classification

Where is typography now? How did we get to this point? The most influential events and people who changed the course of history.

The easiest way to classify fonts and use this classification in real life.

03 Choosing Typeface

Where can I find the best font? How can you be sure that it is suitable for the project?

Details and settings that you should pay attention to when choosing a font.

04 Specific Type Settings

Everything you want to know about headings, body text, line height, tracking, font size, and all other specific type settings. 

Context and rules for using all settings.

05 Fonts Pairing

The best font combinations from Obys experience. Not obvious rules for good font combinations.

Why do they match? Contrast, proportions, details.

06 Alignment

Text alignment can make a big difference in how the text will be perceived and how it will be read.

Throughout this episode, you will become familiar with all types of alignment (and there are more than 3 of them) and learn how to use them to create high-quality designs.

07 Hierachy and Contrast

In this episode we will talk about the most important rules and principles of hierarchy and contrast in typography. 

We will show examples from our practice that are based on this principle.

08 Secret Typography Rules


09 Trends in Modern Typography

In this episode we will talk about modern typography trends. 

We will not talk about trends of the same age, but rather about global trends since the 20th century. And discuss the future of typography.

10 Do's and Don'ts in typography

The best typography practices that Obys uses during the award-winning project creation process.

About prohibited practices that a modern designer cannot use.

11 Obys' Works Deconstruction

During all episodes, we will show Obys' works examples. But in this specific episode, we will deconstruct a few projects and show how we use all rules from previous episodes.

AIM, Eminente, Abetka and more projects will be deconstructed...

12 The Best Type Foundries and Typefaces

The best typefaces for different design goals. 

The best companies you can trust, buy great fonts from them and get great services.

13 Books and Other Educational Resources

Must read books, articles, type and poster designers, and educational projects.

And everything that you need to improve your typography skills.

14 Typographic Inspiration

How to stay up to date with new releases? Where to look for the latest typography solutions?

Analysis of the works of the best graphic and type designers.

15 Homework Assignment

As a bonus, you will be able to join our private design community with all students and Obys design team.

At the end of the season, we will give you Self-study assignments. And time to time we will pick 2 random works from the community and review them. 

(Filmmakers) Obys is a design and development agency that champions beautiful design through the art of typography, including font selection, parameter setting, scaling, font pairing, font sizing, alignments, and crafting fonts.

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Typography Principles



Level: from Beginner to Senior
Lifetime access to this season
Access to private community
Certificate/Poster (PDF)


~4 hours of videos
15 episodes
Audio: English
CC: English, Ukrainian, Spanish (Auto)
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FAQ (10)

What is the requirement?

You only need access to the software for the course. Your willpower is crucial as we embark on a journey together to enhance your design skills and advance your career.

When will be the season available?

Typography Principles season will become available four months after you make an advance payment. You will receive a personal notification about future seasons.

When does the season start and finish?

All seasons are offered 100% online, allowing you to start and finish at your own pace. You can review what interests you most and skip what you already know.

How long will I have access to the course?

Each season's course will remain accessible in your account indefinitely.

Can you provide information on the payment process for the course?

After clicking Enroll, you will be redirected to the Teachable website, all payments are protected by this service.
You can pay by card or Paypal.

Is a DES course useful for a graphic designer?

All rules and education information are easily applicable not only in Web design, but also in graphic design.

By enrolling in a DES course, graphic designers can enhance their skills and develop new ones, which could potentially lead to new career opportunities and greater success in their field. 

So if you're looking to expand your knowledge and stay ahead of the game, taking a DES course could be a highly beneficial and worthwhile investment.

Will there be any feedback from the Obys team?

No. But you will get an invitation to the private community of like-minded people with non-stop communication. And, of course, the Obys team will be among them.

The community will be available to you on our Discord server.

What will I get at the end of the season?

At the end of the season, you'll receive a poster created by the Obys team specifically for DES viewers.

What formed the basis of DES?

During the series, we share our experience of creating award-winning sites in the context of the season based on real examples and Obys projects.

Could you suggest where I could find more useful information from you?

Sure, you can find more useful information from Obys' YouTube channel, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Subscribe to stay inspired!

Or email us at des@obys.agency