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Experience a refreshing approach to design education with Obys’ Design Education Series. 
Our program is meticulously designed to offer you engaging learning experiences, drawing from over 10 years of experience in the design industry. 

Say goodbye to dull and uninspiring lectures and join us on a journey to discover the true essence of graphic and web design.

Discover, Study, Have Fun: All-in-One Learning!

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Olha Olianishyna
(Managing Director & Co-founder)
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Viacheslav Olianishyn
(Art Director & Co-founder)
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Kostiantyn Yakovliev
(Graphic & Web Designer)
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Denys Verholomchuk
(Web Designer)

        The Obys agency has a practice of creating side projects. It was made so that every designer can create the project of his dreams, where the whole team turns into a client. 

Over the past 5 years, Obys have released 3 educational side projects about design: Typography Principles, Color Combinations, and Grids. They have incredibly popular – these sites have been visited more than 1 million times. Some people even associate Obys with the mentioned projects.

During this time and still, we have received a lot of nice feedback and requests for “more and more” educational content. We thought for a long time and finally, we decided to release detailed educational seasons on the topic of each of the projects.

We took all our experience in design education and the knowledge gained from working on unique experiences to create a new format.

The new format is a light, entertaining series, with short episodes to the point, with only the most useful information that will teach you the basic principles of design, improve your typography, and work with grids, composition.